How to play The Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2

Developed by Korean producer Gamevil and Flint, Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 is a fun and visually pleasing MMORPG. There are complicatedly detailed backdrops, glowingly colored world, and animated characters. The essence of the story is the return of the Deathcrown the King of the dead from exile with soldiers of dragons, committed on destroying the human being and their leader, King Gram. Player as the main character will have to go to the war between dragons and humans.


Dragon Blaze Chapter 2 Cover



There is a list of classes you can pick for our character, archer, warrior, priest, rogue and mage. There are advantages and disadvantages for each class. You can choose up to 5 main characters and the party can be switched in and out on the menu. It will progress individually for every character’s story but you will automatically collect the equipment and allies in one account depending main character you play. You will get 3 character slots for free but you can pay 99 rubies to open the 2 other slots. Ruby is valuable item in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 that you can get by playing the game or buy as an in-game purchase with real money.


An NPC named Bell Snow will give quests to the player that is mostly clearing enemies in dungeons with 4-6 stages in their pathway. There is about 3 battle encounters for each stage in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2. For the most part, player will get very independent control in the combat system so you can do anything else while battling. There is limited game’s battle tutorial and at first it can be quite puzzling and overwhelming for the actual combat systems.

The game runs quite quickly and the system is lack of control of the player in battle. The autoplay allow your character to attack on its own. When you enter the battle, you leave it battling without you. You can turn off autoplay to get a bit more involvement so you can control your character to use special attacks. Potions and recovery items can be used with the control of the player by accessing Pouch in the Inventory menu. There is only 1 accessible Pouch slots in Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2, you can unlock the other 2 using rubies.

Inventory Menu

The actual game of Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 takes place truly in the Inventory menu where the player can equip weapons and armor. You can also upgrade equipment to create power bonuses and add additional skills by combine multiple items through the Enhance function. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is upgrading inventory through the alchemic method. There are not more than four other allies that the player can travel with, you can mix and match different item mixtures with diverse classes in lots possibilities. Inventory play is fast and exciting after you understand what item best combines with what other item. For example, you will have a maximum success rate when combine blue-framed items with other blue-framed items. Try with other possibilities for better combinations.