Call of Duty 4Remastered New DLC with 4 Classic Maps


We got fresh news from Call of Duty 4 game that has been remastered by Activision. This game is now having remaster DLC to add more variations and to resurrect the Variety Map Pack. For your information, this pack includes four classic maps that were remarkable to the COD: Modern Warfare. This pack has also the same name with the previous pack, which was also released for Modern Warfare DLC that happened 9 years ago. Of course, it would be great nostalgia for COD’s players who miss and yearn about those classic maps.


The Call of Duty 4Remastered will receive the DLC on March 21, 2017 or nearly in the end of this month. Unfortunately, this is the release date for PlayStation 4. For other platforms like PC and Xbox One, you should wait the expansion after the release on PlayStation 4. This is because of the timed-exclusivity deal between the developer and console, Activision and Sony, after all. For your information, Sony has won the deal against Microsoft. So, you shouldn’t complain or even get mad about this deal because their partnership must be done. Moreover, it shouldn’t take a long time for the DLC on other platforms.

4 Classic Maps

The included maps in Call of Duty 4remastered DLC are as follow: Chinatown, Killhouse, Broadcast and Creek. Starting from the Broadcast, this map provides the players with both corridors and open space locations. As a result, the players can do both close and long range combats. Secondly, Chinatown is always everywhere especially in FPS games. However, COD players may not forget about this map which has the most intense street combat plus building for covering our body. Thirdly, you will meet the epic map called Creek. This map takes place in an open and wide space of villages. Lastly, it is Killhouse that is a small training warehouse. Those maps are chosen based on the most epic combat maps of the Modern Warfare game almost a decade ago.

How much is it?

The Variety Map Pack of Call of Duty 4remastered DLC is priced at $15. Of course, it is also coming with some rare supply drops for the players who have bought this pack. In other words, you can wear some rare cosmetic from the pack. We have counted that there will be ten items so far. A brief history about this pack is that it had reached one million units within nine days after it was launched back in 2008 ago.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Horizon Zero Dawn can be a great alternative for your gaming excitement; well, at least if you are bored with the regular games. There are a lot of interesting features included in the game; not to mention the interesting story and plot that will make you stay loyal to the game. Ready to start?


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Development

This game is developed by Guerrilla Games. The one responsible for the publishing is Sony Interactive Entertainment with Mathijs de Jonge as the director.  It uses Decima engine platform for the gaming strength. Unfortunately, this role playing action game is only available for PS4. For the North American release, it should be ready around the 28th of February 2017 while the other areas will receive the release around the 1st of March 2017.

The game’s development started from 2011, considered as the riskiest gaming plan designed by the team. It is basically about the danger and beauty of the world and how contrastive they can be. It is about trial and error, so if you are up to it, this can be fun and also challenging.  The Decima engine itself was used in the Killzone Shadow Fall. For this Horizon Zero Dawn, it has experienced some changes.  Considered as one of the best games in 2017, this one has won Game Critics Awards for the Best Original Game in 2015 and also 2016.


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Play

This Horizon Zero Dawn game is about Aloy, the main character who is both archer and hunter. It is a third person view game and you need to control Aloy move around in the world within the post-apocalyptic period that is overruled by the robots, called the Machines. In order to survive, Aloy can loot components from the Machines (like the metal and electricity) once she manages to defeat them. Aloy is able to combine the stealth tactics, melee weapons, and various resources to move around. Besides arrow and bow, you can use other weapons or Ropecaster to immobilize and attack your enemies.

Another cool thing about the character is not only her ability to defeat and combat the enemies but also to hack them and use them for her own purposes, such as her traveling companions or transportation vehicles.

If you like combining the combat skills and your strategic abilities, this is definitely a game for your purpose. With the award as the best original game, are you still doubtful about this Horizon Zero Dawn?


PS4 VS Xbox One Comparison


The definitive comparison of PS4 VS Xbox One is more crucial than a couple of years ago in terms of the newest generation of consoles. The prices of PS4 VS Xbox One are lower, while both systems of videogame come with a couple of upgrades in Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim in the year of 2016. There are similar games out there, but there are a couple of exclusive games which make every system the perfect investment for you. There are a couple new features that you can find at the respective systems that also make this showdown more complicated than you ever think.

Hardware Design of PS4 VS Xbox One

It is difficult for you to decide between PS4 VS Xbox One. You can do it from the hardware design which is the outermost layer. The original dimensions of Xbox One make it s perfect gaming console which measures 3.2 in X 10.4 in X 13.5 in. This gaming is also featured vents. This is a design decision that has been made in order to prevent overheating scenario of another Red Ring of Death.

This is more complicated than a couple of other devices even though it is advised by Microsoft not to stand it vertically up, and it can be your perfect home theatre gadget which is Chromecast that has been filled by application. The first generation of PS4 comes with a more distinctive angular shape which is supported with overall stylish design. This gaming console has a measurement of a slimmer 2 in X 12 in X 10.8 in. these measurements make the machine of Sony more friendly to media cabinet, at least better than Xbox One. The PS4 is 2.75 kg while the brand new Xbox also weighs a 3.56 kg.

PS4 comes with benefit for those of you who want to hide your ports, even though it will be difficult for you to plug cables into the back of the system. In this case, Xbox one comes with the best functionality is compared to a couple of other teams. Functionality will be represented by Xbox One over form. A couple of internal specs can be compared, but Sony and Microsoft are very different in terms of the designs of PS4 VS Xbox One.

You have to keep in mind that these two systems will place center and front in your living for the next a couple of years.

4 Tips to Boost Android Performance

Given the modern era where android smartphone has become part of our daily life, the increasing number of smartphone in the market is massive. But sadly not all of those smartphone has the good endurance and performance to support your daily activity related to smartphone using. Android as the system has its own functionality to enhance the performance of the smartphone, yet sometimes one has problem in the battery endurance, others have problem in the RAM space, and etc. Now we will learn on how to boost android performance without taking too much complication and something you can do by yourself.




First, know your device.

It is important to now the specification of your android smartphone to help you understand how to get it better and not to overburden the android by some apps that will just either drain the battery or decrease other functions of the smartphone. Next you need to update your android OS system to ensure the stability, enhance the higher performance, speed up the connectivity and also improve the other user friendly apps.

Secondly, remover or uninstall app.

We all know that there are some apps running in the background that will both drains your battery and take up spaces from your RAM. Not only decreasing your battery fast, it would also slower the performance of your smartphone. To boost android performance you can uninstall the apps, or if the app is rooted to the phone, you can disable it and refuse to update. This action will save you battery and space.

Third, update the used apps.

Even on the second point we encourage you not to update the apps, this only applies to the apps that you hardly use, or maybe never use at all. But for function apps that you use every day, it is important to download the latest version. Developer must have fixed the bug and increase the performance and feature of the apps. Visit Google Play Store to download the latest update of the apps.

Fourth, Use the high speed memory card.

If you have the android with low internal memory space you can boost android performance by adding the high capacity memory card to the phone to help the performance better. By having enough space in your phone, the performance will seldom got lagged in the process. Remember to also move the media you don’t really need from your phone like pictures from last summer, video of your sister’s wedding, and etc. store them up to cloud or to the computer. The purpose are both to free spaces on your phone and also to make sure no accidental damage happen to your data when you screw your phone up.

Those are 4 steps to boost android performance. You still can do more by tweaking the screen, using fewer apps widget, and also by using static wallpaper instead of the live wallpaper. You can also select only the lightweight apps that you prefer. For example you want to use a launcher, search for the options in Google Play Store and see the size of the app and then choose the simpler app with smaller size.

The Dark Soul III is ready for PC gamers



If you are Dark Soul III console version lovers, you must be not familiar with the PC version which is already launched today. This is such good news for PC owners who cannot play this game before on their PC. For your information, Dark Soul III will be launched for PS4console in the middle of 2016. This is an Action RPG game that addicting to be played for modern gamers. Then, its developer revealed the minimum requirements and recommended requirements today on their official site and Steam. I think this post will be useful information for you who want to try this addictive game on your PC. Check them all below!

Minimum Requirements

I will try to give you the minimum requirements of the Dark Soul III for PC in a different way now. As usual, you need to use Windows Operating system which support 64 bit such as 7 until 10. Then, the minimum processor should be AMD A8 3870 which has 3.6 GHz for running smoothly. If you have Intel processor, you should ensure that it is more than i3 with 3.1 GHz. I think this is not a high-end requirement. Then, you need to prepare 8 gigs RAM memory with more than 50 giga of hard disk space. For better graphic, I suggest you to use NVIDIA GForce GTX 456 or an ATI RADEON HD 6870. That is all of the minimum requirements for your PC to play this game properly.

Release date

If you are impatient to wait the Dark Soul III, do not be worry. The exact date of this game will be held on 12th April next year. The game will hit three consoles at once, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some reviewers claimed that the next-gen Dark Soul has better performance and graphics rather than the previous series. Meanwhile, the creator also promises that this third series is the closure for previous Dark Soul Series. We cannot wait what kinds of action which will be offered by the developer for this game.

2015 Best iOS Games

iOS Games


iOS of Apple is a fertile ground for a couple of great mobile games across every category and genre. Completed with responsive touch screens and strong graphics, the iPad and iPhone are gaming machines which are very solid and strong. You have to check out a couple of best iOs games which are available across multiple genre or categories.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the best iOs games that everyone’s talking about. This game is the hyper-addictive game which challenges your brain and also your friends’ brains. This game mixes cute and cartoon designs which are completed with a couple of question types. You can play against your Facebook friends or random enemies and spin the wheel in order to answer a couple of questions which are based on science, sports, geography, history, entertainment or art. You have to beat each category if you want to win this game.

Faster Than Light

Most of people have been waiting for the FTL: Faster than Light game to be on your iPad, and now this game is here. This game features challenging space adventures to a lot of game addicts. You have to outfight and escape a vast rebel armada while you protect the last hope of Federation for victory as captain of a Federation starship. Along the game, you are going to navigate space which is uncharted, fight off slavers and pirates, and unravel strange mysteries while you are trying not to run out of oxygen or fuel.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 is one the most-played iOs games which deliver great basketball game play to your iPads and iPhones. This game features slick graphics and fast-paced action which add to the current updated Career and Quick Play modes that are completed with new season and Blacktop modes. Almost the whole console of NBA 2K15 experience suits inside this mobile package.

Real racing 3

Real Racing 3 offers a fantastic driving experience which will make you wish for the open road. This game is available for free. There are a couple of cars which are very good looking and then you can speed them around across race tracks which are beautifully rendered. A couple of game modes can be played with fun such as you can complete time trials, the unique Time Shift multiplayer mode and standard races. And also you can continue to enjoy new content like new racing events and cars.