Call of Duty 4Remastered New DLC with 4 Classic Maps


We got fresh news from Call of Duty 4 game that has been remastered by Activision. This game is now having remaster DLC to add more variations and to resurrect the Variety Map Pack. For your information, this pack includes four classic maps that were remarkable to the COD: Modern Warfare. This pack has also the same name with the previous pack, which was also released for Modern Warfare DLC that happened 9 years ago. Of course, it would be great nostalgia for COD’s players who miss and yearn about those classic maps.


The Call of Duty 4Remastered will receive the DLC on March 21, 2017 or nearly in the end of this month. Unfortunately, this is the release date for PlayStation 4. For other platforms like PC and Xbox One, you should wait the expansion after the release on PlayStation 4. This is because of the timed-exclusivity deal between the developer and console, Activision and Sony, after all. For your information, Sony has won the deal against Microsoft. So, you shouldn’t complain or even get mad about this deal because their partnership must be done. Moreover, it shouldn’t take a long time for the DLC on other platforms.

4 Classic Maps

The included maps in Call of Duty 4remastered DLC are as follow: Chinatown, Killhouse, Broadcast and Creek. Starting from the Broadcast, this map provides the players with both corridors and open space locations. As a result, the players can do both close and long range combats. Secondly, Chinatown is always everywhere especially in FPS games. However, COD players may not forget about this map which has the most intense street combat plus building for covering our body. Thirdly, you will meet the epic map called Creek. This map takes place in an open and wide space of villages. Lastly, it is Killhouse that is a small training warehouse. Those maps are chosen based on the most epic combat maps of the Modern Warfare game almost a decade ago.

How much is it?

The Variety Map Pack of Call of Duty 4remastered DLC is priced at $15. Of course, it is also coming with some rare supply drops for the players who have bought this pack. In other words, you can wear some rare cosmetic from the pack. We have counted that there will be ten items so far. A brief history about this pack is that it had reached one million units within nine days after it was launched back in 2008 ago.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Horizon Zero Dawn can be a great alternative for your gaming excitement; well, at least if you are bored with the regular games. There are a lot of interesting features included in the game; not to mention the interesting story and plot that will make you stay loyal to the game. Ready to start?


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Development

This game is developed by Guerrilla Games. The one responsible for the publishing is Sony Interactive Entertainment with Mathijs de Jonge as the director.  It uses Decima engine platform for the gaming strength. Unfortunately, this role playing action game is only available for PS4. For the North American release, it should be ready around the 28th of February 2017 while the other areas will receive the release around the 1st of March 2017.

The game’s development started from 2011, considered as the riskiest gaming plan designed by the team. It is basically about the danger and beauty of the world and how contrastive they can be. It is about trial and error, so if you are up to it, this can be fun and also challenging.  The Decima engine itself was used in the Killzone Shadow Fall. For this Horizon Zero Dawn, it has experienced some changes.  Considered as one of the best games in 2017, this one has won Game Critics Awards for the Best Original Game in 2015 and also 2016.


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Play

This Horizon Zero Dawn game is about Aloy, the main character who is both archer and hunter. It is a third person view game and you need to control Aloy move around in the world within the post-apocalyptic period that is overruled by the robots, called the Machines. In order to survive, Aloy can loot components from the Machines (like the metal and electricity) once she manages to defeat them. Aloy is able to combine the stealth tactics, melee weapons, and various resources to move around. Besides arrow and bow, you can use other weapons or Ropecaster to immobilize and attack your enemies.

Another cool thing about the character is not only her ability to defeat and combat the enemies but also to hack them and use them for her own purposes, such as her traveling companions or transportation vehicles.

If you like combining the combat skills and your strategic abilities, this is definitely a game for your purpose. With the award as the best original game, are you still doubtful about this Horizon Zero Dawn?


SimCity Buildit Trick as Guideline

SimCity has been in game industry with several versions. At first, it was game for computer. Developer creates new version for mobile gaming, which called SimCity Buildit. To play it, you need to install this app in smartphone or tablet. For beginners, SimCity Buildit Trick will guide players to reach the utmost result.


  1. City storage

Before exploring more about SimCity Buildit Trick, you need to know the main objective of this game. Yes, it is about to create and expand the city. You should start to make layout then build everything. City storage is important. You can put every goods, products, materials, etc for build residential, roads, factories, and several plants. City storage should be upgraded due to amounts of resources you will need and use for further development. Storage is part of city itself that means you need to expand side by side with your project. Besides, the storage is useful to manage your materials before putting them in use. This is your task to use every material efficiently without wasting.


  1. Simcash for factory or production

SimCity Buildit uses Simcash as currency. It is like money in real life, but players only use it to trade in game realm. Instead of consumer products, it is better to use Simcash into production tools. You do not have to buy much materials or goods, but invest in machine to create such products. Besides Simcash, player needs Simoleon as resources. There is quick way to obtain Simcash. You may consider SimCity Buildit hack as alternative due to excellent result. With this tool, your pocket will full of Simcash quickly and unlimited.


  1. Keep factory running

The key to get much material is to keep factory running every time. Player does not have to monitor factories due to limited time. To support manufacturing process, you need unlimited supply as material. Imagine your factory is running, but no resource to be in production. So, make sure your factory has proper material to create products.


  1. Trade efficiently

One of important parts in SimCity Buildit Trick is trading. City cannot be developed alone without the help from others. Player needs material, so purchasing and trading is necessary. Try to create good relationship with other players to get the better price from their product. Buying cheap stuffs might be your option due to limited money. You are able to be seller to export goods for other cities.

This is interesting game to play. You will learn how to manage resources then allocate them in good use. SimCity Buildit Trick comes in handy for beginners to grasp the gameplay. After you understand everything, playing the game will be more interesting.

Master of Orion Tests Your Strategy in the Galaxies



If you are disappointed with No Man’s Sky, Master of Orion can be your next alternative game. This game also offers massive scale of outer space, planets and its colonies. However, it is more intense rather than just exploring new planet. You have to deal with the galactic diplomacy indeed. What makes this game fun? It is about the challenges which are offered inside the game. The moments that you can get in this game is very changeable. Sometimes, you have to feel exhilaration. Because of this uniqueness, we are interested to write the review of this game now.


Master of Orion is the reboot version of the previous series. Of course, it has the same name with the reboot version. However, the first series is very easy to be compared with Civilization. Yeah, both games have the same gameplay which is to declare a victory for a nation. Luckily, this reboot version is able to move away from the same boat. This time, the game has more twists and challenges especially if you love to play RTS game. So, it is completely different now with the Civilization and we have to appreciate the developer of this game surely. Now, let us go to the gameplay below.


One of the key features of Master of Orion is located on its real-time combat system. Actually, this is an optional feature that you can use in the game. But, we prefer to use it because you will get more details in the inter-fleet combats. In other words, you are not controlling the entire fleets. You will have the control of individual ships and this makes this game fun. Then, you can attack on specific enemy’s ships too. With this feature, the skirmishes look more real and interesting, right? There are many unpredictable combats that you have to pass.


This game is very enjoyable to be played especially if you love space wars and RTS games. The micro and macro managements are super real here and very balance so that you can feel the real experience as the players. In addition, you can make some risky maneuvers and decisions through the game. There is no limitation after all just like the original meaning of galaxies, right? This game is brilliant if we have to be honest. But, it does not mean that you are free from any boredom with the repeated animation and gameplay. Overall, Master of Orion should be on your to-play list this year.

Batman The Telltale Series: Realm of Shadows Episode One

Batman The Telltale Series


If you have ever played Telltale games before, you have to play Batman the Telltale Seriesfor sure because this game is surely different with other Telltale games. For your information, Telltale games always made us feel uncomfortable. This developer is always able to exploit our fear with its games recently. But, what if we play as the coolest and calm detective in Gotham city? Is there any fear when we made wrong decision? Perhaps, the decisions will always be correct in this game. Let see how the game is and what we have to do in this game.


For your information, Batman the Telltale Series is a simulation game just like other Telltale games. In this game, you have to make some decisions including the combat action whether you have to throw the enemies on the table or slam him on the door. Every single choice will give big impact at the end of the game. That is why we say that the Telltale games always exploit your fear in taking the decisions. So, the Batman game still plays on the episode one. It means that there are a bunch of other episodes that you will see later. But, you do not have much time as a Batman this time. The game focuses as Bruce Wayne although there are a few actions from the Batman too.


The plot of Batman the Telltale Series is unique. Once again, you have to know that you can create the characteristics of Bruce Wayne here. We start the game from a tough situation where corruptors and crimes become the big issue in Gotham city. Then, Harvey Dent is running for mayor with big support from his friend, Bruce Wayne. Here, you have to choose whether you want him as a true friend who always back up Harvey no matter what or see another perspective as your alter ego. Of course, there are plenty of decisions that you have to make through the game. But, this episode forces you to choose a strong stance for your Bruce Wayne.


Overall, the game is very addictive because you do not only choose the life or death decisions but also complex character for the Bruce Wayne. You can also make him as badass Batman who fights crimes with the crimes instead. This first episode wants you making moral foundation for your Bruce Wayne as other Telltales games. We have to say this game is more intense than other Batman series. You can also play as Batman here but not too much. You should interact to the background in collection some evidence as Batman. Then, Batman the Telltale Series is your best choice for spending your time. Gameplay And Review is free multiplayer game similar to classic snake game in Java-platform mobile phone. It is the perfect game for classic Snake enthusiast. It is the most addicting though a simple game available for mobile platforms and PC. The game has no background story. You start the game as a tiny snake in a nasty and viable world. There are some customizations available throughout the game. You can give your snake some style by outfit a diversity of skins. Gameplay

This snake game is really addicting. Once you start the game, you surely forget anything as you will be playing for hours. The game offers more than what it is inspired from: the and Snake. The classic Snake lets you play individually but can have other players and appears more charming than with its disturbing skins images. Growing is your goal in the game by collecting multi-colored, gleaming balls. The earlier missions are simple as hell as they are more of tutorial. It starts to be harder when there is a curl from a gigantic snake appearing on the corner of your screen. You can feel a sense of fright in the game for something so simple.

Growing as fast as you can and as much as you can is your main objective in While doing this, you need to avoid being ensnared by other snakes and try to increase your stats by pull out your snakes. To keep the game appealing, enjoy enough unpredictability in the multiplayer arena. You won’t lose if you hit yourself unlike classic Snake however hitting other snakes is the first thing you should avoid. You also need to be careful with the coil of doom. Platforms

You can enjoy better visibility by playing the game on the PC. You can control your reptile across a honey-comb badlands using your mouse, and you can sprint by pressing the left mouse button. When a quarter is chock-full with snakes trying to beat each other, you will get benefit from a large screen. There are pretty consistent controls for the most part using the mouse though it can get a bit of heighten and delay. As a different way to the mouse, a keyboard can be handy. If you play with mobile device, there will be problem with your finger if you are playing on smaller screen. There will be limited visibility playing on a mobile device especially when things get hectic as it is difficult to maneuver to escape of harm way.

WWE Immortals Tips and Strategies

WWE Immortals can be concluded as WWE mixes Mortal Kombat. If you want to beat other wrestlers at this game, you have to prepare a mix up of defending and attacking. There will be an access to light attacks and also heavy attacks. If you strike your enemy three times in a row, you will have a chance to bring an extra special attack. If you want to play defense, you will know the perfect time to do it when you switch out your current wrestler for another fighter. You also have to defend after you finish performing your Adrenaline Rush move. You have to get ready to block when you see that red exclamation point above the head of your enemy.


WWE Immortals


Start with bronze tier characters

There are three characters that you can choose to start the game such as Giant Big Show, Dark Sorceress Paige and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is great at dishing out a couple of good damages because of his high attack power. Dark Sorceress Paige is capable of help her teammates to regenerate their adrenaline a lot faster for a couple of time after she applies her adrenaline rush move. For Giant Big Show, this wrestler fights as a heavy hitting tank which increases more power once his health gains.

Create your roster up to gold and silver status

As you going through the WWE Immortals game, you will find a way to unlock silver tier character. You will have to spend a couple of serious coins if you want to unlock those very good wrestlers when it is the perfect time for you to unlock gold tier rated characters. When it is the time to build your silver characters, you do not have to spend a lot of time to try upgrading their stats. You have to spend more time to upgrade your gold tier characters more than anything.

Choose great silver and gold tier characters

There are a couple of wrestlers which can be chose as great gold and silver tier characters such as Dark Sorceress Paige, Soldier John Cena, Angelic Knight Trish Stratus, King of Kings Triple H and Necromancer Undertaker. It is important for you to take a look at their stats and passive special abilities. After that, you will find that why these wrestlers are perfect options to upgrade your silver and gold tier. It will help you to go through this game and become stronger competitor.

The Dark Soul III is ready for PC gamers



If you are Dark Soul III console version lovers, you must be not familiar with the PC version which is already launched today. This is such good news for PC owners who cannot play this game before on their PC. For your information, Dark Soul III will be launched for PS4console in the middle of 2016. This is an Action RPG game that addicting to be played for modern gamers. Then, its developer revealed the minimum requirements and recommended requirements today on their official site and Steam. I think this post will be useful information for you who want to try this addictive game on your PC. Check them all below!

Minimum Requirements

I will try to give you the minimum requirements of the Dark Soul III for PC in a different way now. As usual, you need to use Windows Operating system which support 64 bit such as 7 until 10. Then, the minimum processor should be AMD A8 3870 which has 3.6 GHz for running smoothly. If you have Intel processor, you should ensure that it is more than i3 with 3.1 GHz. I think this is not a high-end requirement. Then, you need to prepare 8 gigs RAM memory with more than 50 giga of hard disk space. For better graphic, I suggest you to use NVIDIA GForce GTX 456 or an ATI RADEON HD 6870. That is all of the minimum requirements for your PC to play this game properly.

Release date

If you are impatient to wait the Dark Soul III, do not be worry. The exact date of this game will be held on 12th April next year. The game will hit three consoles at once, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some reviewers claimed that the next-gen Dark Soul has better performance and graphics rather than the previous series. Meanwhile, the creator also promises that this third series is the closure for previous Dark Soul Series. We cannot wait what kinds of action which will be offered by the developer for this game.

Important Clash of Kings Tutorial for Beginner


Clash of Kings Tutorial


Today, I would like to give you Clash of kings hack tutorial for beginner. Some of you perhaps do not know how to play this game. Yes, it was happened to me too when I played this game for the first time. Clash of Kings is one of phenomenon game especially for Android user. For your information, this game attracts million mobile gamers all over the world to download it through App store. Moreover, some of them have complained that they cannot make up their time while playing this game because of addicting gameplay. The Real-Time strategy is the gameplay that chosen by the developer for us.


The first Clash of kings hack tutorial is about the castle. This is the most important building in the entire game of Clash of Kings. This castle can be upgraded into larger and modern styles. For your information, the larger castle you have the larger level you got. By this level, you can show your kingdom and territorial to your enemy.


The next building that you have to know is Stable. This build is used for creating your troops. The style of these troops is like a horseman. But, it is not only one horseman you have here. There are Heavy Cavalry, Scoutman and many more. To get more types of horseman, you have to upgrade this building as same as castle.


The third building of this Clash of kings hack tutorial is Range building. As you can see, this building produces archers as your troops. One of standard archers is crossbown. These archers are useful against troops such as swordsman, militia but weak against Cavalry.


If you love to create swordsman, you can build Barrack. Yes, you will have swordsman or knight through this building. Militia is their name. As usual, you need to upgrade your barrack for more troops’ type. I believe our war won’t be fun without the existence of militia, right? Hence, produce them as possible as you can.

Chariot Plant

The last important building is Chariot Plant. By this building, you are able to create carriage. This type of gun is very popular in medieval age. They are strong against building and castle. Thus, protect your carriages with the support by militia.


The function of Depot, will finish our Clash of kings hack tutorial today. This building is important to protect our resources from enemy. Resources like rice, wood, iron and mithril are very important to build our kingdom.


How to play The Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2

Developed by Korean producer Gamevil and Flint, Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 is a fun and visually pleasing MMORPG. There are complicatedly detailed backdrops, glowingly colored world, and animated characters. The essence of the story is the return of the Deathcrown the King of the dead from exile with soldiers of dragons, committed on destroying the human being and their leader, King Gram. Player as the main character will have to go to the war between dragons and humans.


Dragon Blaze Chapter 2 Cover



There is a list of classes you can pick for our character, archer, warrior, priest, rogue and mage. There are advantages and disadvantages for each class. You can choose up to 5 main characters and the party can be switched in and out on the menu. It will progress individually for every character’s story but you will automatically collect the equipment and allies in one account depending main character you play. You will get 3 character slots for free but you can pay 99 rubies to open the 2 other slots. Ruby is valuable item in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 that you can get by playing the game or buy as an in-game purchase with real money.


An NPC named Bell Snow will give quests to the player that is mostly clearing enemies in dungeons with 4-6 stages in their pathway. There is about 3 battle encounters for each stage in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2. For the most part, player will get very independent control in the combat system so you can do anything else while battling. There is limited game’s battle tutorial and at first it can be quite puzzling and overwhelming for the actual combat systems.

The game runs quite quickly and the system is lack of control of the player in battle. The autoplay allow your character to attack on its own. When you enter the battle, you leave it battling without you. You can turn off autoplay to get a bit more involvement so you can control your character to use special attacks. Potions and recovery items can be used with the control of the player by accessing Pouch in the Inventory menu. There is only 1 accessible Pouch slots in Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2, you can unlock the other 2 using rubies.

Inventory Menu

The actual game of Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 takes place truly in the Inventory menu where the player can equip weapons and armor. You can also upgrade equipment to create power bonuses and add additional skills by combine multiple items through the Enhance function. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is upgrading inventory through the alchemic method. There are not more than four other allies that the player can travel with, you can mix and match different item mixtures with diverse classes in lots possibilities. Inventory play is fast and exciting after you understand what item best combines with what other item. For example, you will have a maximum success rate when combine blue-framed items with other blue-framed items. Try with other possibilities for better combinations.

Strategy to Win Zinga Poker

Zinga Poker Gameplay


Zinga Poker is one of the most popular games that have ever played today and there are a couple of strategies which can increase your game and you will be a winning player. In order to win at Zinga Poker, it is better for you to use a couple of strategies that will give you the upper hand. After you know how to play Zinga Poker, you can start to use strategies such as knowing when you have a hand to bet big or fold on, playing the odds to win and reading your opponents.

Knowing your position at the table

In Zinga Poker, the dealer changes with each hand and knowing where you are in association to the dealer is going to help you increase your strategy in order to win Zinga Poker. As the dealer has the button and the ability to bet last, he usually has the strongest position. The most information to work with will be had by the player who bets last as they have found all other competitors bet once making a move. The player who sits to the right of the right of the dealer, often called as the cutoff can be potentially in a great position that the dealer because he has the ability to bet big in order to force the dealer out. Meanwhile, a couple of players who place in early positions are the weakest because they have the least amount of information to work with.

Use your position to near the field

Nearing the field means eliminating the other competitors for the hand. A couple of players are going to use a bet big strategy in order to win Zinga Poker and while this strategy may success, it also means that you are more likely to lose big. Meanwhile, you can try a strategy where you make smaller and smarter bets in order to force other competitors to fold.

Make other competitors fight it out

If you are positioned in an earlier position, you have the advantage of being able call and after that it is better for you to wait to see how other competitors handle the betting. You will know that a player is either has good hand or bluffing if the player bets big once you have called. Other players are going to make moves which indicate where the pot is going.