Call of Duty 4Remastered New DLC with 4 Classic Maps


We got fresh news from Call of Duty 4 game that has been remastered by Activision. This game is now having remaster DLC to add more variations and to resurrect the Variety Map Pack. For your information, this pack includes four classic maps that were remarkable to the COD: Modern Warfare. This pack has also the same name with the previous pack, which was also released for Modern Warfare DLC that happened 9 years ago. Of course, it would be great nostalgia for COD’s players who miss and yearn about those classic maps.


The Call of Duty 4Remastered will receive the DLC on March 21, 2017 or nearly in the end of this month. Unfortunately, this is the release date for PlayStation 4. For other platforms like PC and Xbox One, you should wait the expansion after the release on PlayStation 4. This is because of the timed-exclusivity deal between the developer and console, Activision and Sony, after all. For your information, Sony has won the deal against Microsoft. So, you shouldn’t complain or even get mad about this deal because their partnership must be done. Moreover, it shouldn’t take a long time for the DLC on other platforms.

4 Classic Maps

The included maps in Call of Duty 4remastered DLC are as follow: Chinatown, Killhouse, Broadcast and Creek. Starting from the Broadcast, this map provides the players with both corridors and open space locations. As a result, the players can do both close and long range combats. Secondly, Chinatown is always everywhere especially in FPS games. However, COD players may not forget about this map which has the most intense street combat plus building for covering our body. Thirdly, you will meet the epic map called Creek. This map takes place in an open and wide space of villages. Lastly, it is Killhouse that is a small training warehouse. Those maps are chosen based on the most epic combat maps of the Modern Warfare game almost a decade ago.

How much is it?

The Variety Map Pack of Call of Duty 4remastered DLC is priced at $15. Of course, it is also coming with some rare supply drops for the players who have bought this pack. In other words, you can wear some rare cosmetic from the pack. We have counted that there will be ten items so far. A brief history about this pack is that it had reached one million units within nine days after it was launched back in 2008 ago.