Horizon Zero Dawn: The Post-Apocalyptic Setting

Horizon Zero Dawn can be a great alternative for your gaming excitement; well, at least if you are bored with the regular games. There are a lot of interesting features included in the game; not to mention the interesting story and plot that will make you stay loyal to the game. Ready to start?


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Development

This game is developed by Guerrilla Games. The one responsible for the publishing is Sony Interactive Entertainment with Mathijs de Jonge as the director.  It uses Decima engine platform for the gaming strength. Unfortunately, this role playing action game is only available for PS4. For the North American release, it should be ready around the 28th of February 2017 while the other areas will receive the release around the 1st of March 2017.

The game’s development started from 2011, considered as the riskiest gaming plan designed by the team. It is basically about the danger and beauty of the world and how contrastive they can be. It is about trial and error, so if you are up to it, this can be fun and also challenging.  The Decima engine itself was used in the Killzone Shadow Fall. For this Horizon Zero Dawn, it has experienced some changes.  Considered as one of the best games in 2017, this one has won Game Critics Awards for the Best Original Game in 2015 and also 2016.


Horizon Zero Dawn Game Play

This Horizon Zero Dawn game is about Aloy, the main character who is both archer and hunter. It is a third person view game and you need to control Aloy move around in the world within the post-apocalyptic period that is overruled by the robots, called the Machines. In order to survive, Aloy can loot components from the Machines (like the metal and electricity) once she manages to defeat them. Aloy is able to combine the stealth tactics, melee weapons, and various resources to move around. Besides arrow and bow, you can use other weapons or Ropecaster to immobilize and attack your enemies.

Another cool thing about the character is not only her ability to defeat and combat the enemies but also to hack them and use them for her own purposes, such as her traveling companions or transportation vehicles.

If you like combining the combat skills and your strategic abilities, this is definitely a game for your purpose. With the award as the best original game, are you still doubtful about this Horizon Zero Dawn?


Township Hack: The Tool and How to Use it

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