PS4 VS Xbox One Comparison


The definitive comparison of PS4 VS Xbox One is more crucial than a couple of years ago in terms of the newest generation of consoles. The prices of PS4 VS Xbox One are lower, while both systems of videogame come with a couple of upgrades in Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim in the year of 2016. There are similar games out there, but there are a couple of exclusive games which make every system the perfect investment for you. There are a couple new features that you can find at the respective systems that also make this showdown more complicated than you ever think.

Hardware Design of PS4 VS Xbox One

It is difficult for you to decide between PS4 VS Xbox One. You can do it from the hardware design which is the outermost layer. The original dimensions of Xbox One make it s perfect gaming console which measures 3.2 in X 10.4 in X 13.5 in. This gaming is also featured vents. This is a design decision that has been made in order to prevent overheating scenario of another Red Ring of Death.

This is more complicated than a couple of other devices even though it is advised by Microsoft not to stand it vertically up, and it can be your perfect home theatre gadget which is Chromecast that has been filled by application. The first generation of PS4 comes with a more distinctive angular shape which is supported with overall stylish design. This gaming console has a measurement of a slimmer 2 in X 12 in X 10.8 in. these measurements make the machine of Sony more friendly to media cabinet, at least better than Xbox One. The PS4 is 2.75 kg while the brand new Xbox also weighs a 3.56 kg.

PS4 comes with benefit for those of you who want to hide your ports, even though it will be difficult for you to plug cables into the back of the system. In this case, Xbox one comes with the best functionality is compared to a couple of other teams. Functionality will be represented by Xbox One over form. A couple of internal specs can be compared, but Sony and Microsoft are very different in terms of the designs of PS4 VS Xbox One.

You have to keep in mind that these two systems will place center and front in your living for the next a couple of years.

SimCity Buildit Trick as Guideline

SimCity has been in game industry with several versions. At first, it was game for computer. Developer creates new version for mobile gaming, which called SimCity Buildit. To play it, you need to install this app in smartphone or tablet. For beginners, SimCity Buildit Trick will guide players to reach the utmost result.


  1. City storage

Before exploring more about SimCity Buildit Trick, you need to know the main objective of this game. Yes, it is about to create and expand the city. You should start to make layout then build everything. City storage is important. You can put every goods, products, materials, etc for build residential, roads, factories, and several plants. City storage should be upgraded due to amounts of resources you will need and use for further development. Storage is part of city itself that means you need to expand side by side with your project. Besides, the storage is useful to manage your materials before putting them in use. This is your task to use every material efficiently without wasting.


  1. Simcash for factory or production

SimCity Buildit uses Simcash as currency. It is like money in real life, but players only use it to trade in game realm. Instead of consumer products, it is better to use Simcash into production tools. You do not have to buy much materials or goods, but invest in machine to create such products. Besides Simcash, player needs Simoleon as resources. There is quick way to obtain Simcash. You may consider SimCity Buildit hack as alternative due to excellent result. With this tool, your pocket will full of Simcash quickly and unlimited.


  1. Keep factory running

The key to get much material is to keep factory running every time. Player does not have to monitor factories due to limited time. To support manufacturing process, you need unlimited supply as material. Imagine your factory is running, but no resource to be in production. So, make sure your factory has proper material to create products.


  1. Trade efficiently

One of important parts in SimCity Buildit Trick is trading. City cannot be developed alone without the help from others. Player needs material, so purchasing and trading is necessary. Try to create good relationship with other players to get the better price from their product. Buying cheap stuffs might be your option due to limited money. You are able to be seller to export goods for other cities.

This is interesting game to play. You will learn how to manage resources then allocate them in good use. SimCity Buildit Trick comes in handy for beginners to grasp the gameplay. After you understand everything, playing the game will be more interesting.

4 Tips to Boost Android Performance

Given the modern era where android smartphone has become part of our daily life, the increasing number of smartphone in the market is massive. But sadly not all of those smartphone has the good endurance and performance to support your daily activity related to smartphone using. Android as the system has its own functionality to enhance the performance of the smartphone, yet sometimes one has problem in the battery endurance, others have problem in the RAM space, and etc. Now we will learn on how to boost android performance without taking too much complication and something you can do by yourself.




First, know your device.

It is important to now the specification of your android smartphone to help you understand how to get it better and not to overburden the android by some apps that will just either drain the battery or decrease other functions of the smartphone. Next you need to update your android OS system to ensure the stability, enhance the higher performance, speed up the connectivity and also improve the other user friendly apps.

Secondly, remover or uninstall app.

We all know that there are some apps running in the background that will both drains your battery and take up spaces from your RAM. Not only decreasing your battery fast, it would also slower the performance of your smartphone. To boost android performance you can uninstall the apps, or if the app is rooted to the phone, you can disable it and refuse to update. This action will save you battery and space.

Third, update the used apps.

Even on the second point we encourage you not to update the apps, this only applies to the apps that you hardly use, or maybe never use at all. But for function apps that you use every day, it is important to download the latest version. Developer must have fixed the bug and increase the performance and feature of the apps. Visit Google Play Store to download the latest update of the apps.

Fourth, Use the high speed memory card.

If you have the android with low internal memory space you can boost android performance by adding the high capacity memory card to the phone to help the performance better. By having enough space in your phone, the performance will seldom got lagged in the process. Remember to also move the media you don’t really need from your phone like pictures from last summer, video of your sister’s wedding, and etc. store them up to cloud or to the computer. The purpose are both to free spaces on your phone and also to make sure no accidental damage happen to your data when you screw your phone up.

Those are 4 steps to boost android performance. You still can do more by tweaking the screen, using fewer apps widget, and also by using static wallpaper instead of the live wallpaper. You can also select only the lightweight apps that you prefer. For example you want to use a launcher, search for the options in Google Play Store and see the size of the app and then choose the simpler app with smaller size.

Easy Pixel Gun 3D Hack Guidelines for Newbie to Get Instant Resources



Almost all of Pixel Gun 3D players are familiar with hack tools. It is not a secret anymore that numerous top players in Pixel Gun 3D actually use hack tools to boost their gaming performance. This game offers a multiplayer shooting game. If you are new to the game, these Pixel Gun 3D hack guidelines might be handy for you. You can take advantage of Pixel Gun 3D cheats to the fullest to buy the best items in the game. Take a look at the guides below and learn a lot of new things about the game here.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Guidelines: Tutorials

There are many types of hack tools, however, it is better for newbie to use the Pixel Gun 3D generator because you are not required to download and install any software. Follow the steps in these Pixel Gun 3D hack guidelines carefully. First of all, look for the site that offers an online-hosted generator. When you find it, usually you will need to quit the game before starting the hack tool. Next, enter your Pixel Gun 3D username in the generator. After that, input the amount of gems and coins that you desire. Wait for about a minute and reopen your game to check whether your resources are fully updated. You can repeat those steps as much as you can without getting banned.

Other Features

For newbie, it is safer to use the online-hosted hack tools since they are way safer than the downloaded ones. If you do not know the site which provide safe cheats and install random hack tools, your computer will end up being infected by viruses and malwares. There are many fake cheats which are actually viruses. Many Pixel Gun hack come with anti-spam and anti-ban system which will eliminate your worries about being banned and losing your precious account. Moreover, the hack tools are free to use since you do not need to pay anything to utilize the cheats even you use it numerous times.

Hopefully, the Pixel Gun 3D hack guidelines above will be able to help you to be an expert in playing the game. Strengthen your character with the strongest armors ever using the free resources. Remember, the key in hacking Pixel Gun 3D is patience—carefully choose the hacking site and repeat the same steps until you achieve the amount of resources that you want. Aside from the online-hosted one, feel free to try other hack tools and use the one that you like.