Master of Orion Tests Your Strategy in the Galaxies



If you are disappointed with No Man’s Sky, Master of Orion can be your next alternative game. This game also offers massive scale of outer space, planets and its colonies. However, it is more intense rather than just exploring new planet. You have to deal with the galactic diplomacy indeed. What makes this game fun? It is about the challenges which are offered inside the game. The moments that you can get in this game is very changeable. Sometimes, you have to feel exhilaration. Because of this uniqueness, we are interested to write the review of this game now.


Master of Orion is the reboot version of the previous series. Of course, it has the same name with the reboot version. However, the first series is very easy to be compared with Civilization. Yeah, both games have the same gameplay which is to declare a victory for a nation. Luckily, this reboot version is able to move away from the same boat. This time, the game has more twists and challenges especially if you love to play RTS game. So, it is completely different now with the Civilization and we have to appreciate the developer of this game surely. Now, let us go to the gameplay below.


One of the key features of Master of Orion is located on its real-time combat system. Actually, this is an optional feature that you can use in the game. But, we prefer to use it because you will get more details in the inter-fleet combats. In other words, you are not controlling the entire fleets. You will have the control of individual ships and this makes this game fun. Then, you can attack on specific enemy’s ships too. With this feature, the skirmishes look more real and interesting, right? There are many unpredictable combats that you have to pass.


This game is very enjoyable to be played especially if you love space wars and RTS games. The micro and macro managements are super real here and very balance so that you can feel the real experience as the players. In addition, you can make some risky maneuvers and decisions through the game. There is no limitation after all just like the original meaning of galaxies, right? This game is brilliant if we have to be honest. But, it does not mean that you are free from any boredom with the repeated animation and gameplay. Overall, Master of Orion should be on your to-play list this year.

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