Batman The Telltale Series: Realm of Shadows Episode One

Batman The Telltale Series


If you have ever played Telltale games before, you have to play Batman the Telltale Seriesfor sure because this game is surely different with other Telltale games. For your information, Telltale games always made us feel uncomfortable. This developer is always able to exploit our fear with its games recently. But, what if we play as the coolest and calm detective in Gotham city? Is there any fear when we made wrong decision? Perhaps, the decisions will always be correct in this game. Let see how the game is and what we have to do in this game.


For your information, Batman the Telltale Series is a simulation game just like other Telltale games. In this game, you have to make some decisions including the combat action whether you have to throw the enemies on the table or slam him on the door. Every single choice will give big impact at the end of the game. That is why we say that the Telltale games always exploit your fear in taking the decisions. So, the Batman game still plays on the episode one. It means that there are a bunch of other episodes that you will see later. But, you do not have much time as a Batman this time. The game focuses as Bruce Wayne although there are a few actions from the Batman too.


The plot of Batman the Telltale Series is unique. Once again, you have to know that you can create the characteristics of Bruce Wayne here. We start the game from a tough situation where corruptors and crimes become the big issue in Gotham city. Then, Harvey Dent is running for mayor with big support from his friend, Bruce Wayne. Here, you have to choose whether you want him as a true friend who always back up Harvey no matter what or see another perspective as your alter ego. Of course, there are plenty of decisions that you have to make through the game. But, this episode forces you to choose a strong stance for your Bruce Wayne.


Overall, the game is very addictive because you do not only choose the life or death decisions but also complex character for the Bruce Wayne. You can also make him as badass Batman who fights crimes with the crimes instead. This first episode wants you making moral foundation for your Bruce Wayne as other Telltales games. We have to say this game is more intense than other Batman series. You can also play as Batman here but not too much. You should interact to the background in collection some evidence as Batman. Then, Batman the Telltale Series is your best choice for spending your time.