2015 Best iOS Games

iOS Games


iOS of Apple is a fertile ground for a couple of great mobile games across every category and genre. Completed with responsive touch screens and strong graphics, the iPad and iPhone are gaming machines which are very solid and strong. You have to check out a couple of best iOs games which are available across multiple genre or categories.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the best iOs games that everyone’s talking about. This game is the hyper-addictive game which challenges your brain and also your friends’ brains. This game mixes cute and cartoon designs which are completed with a couple of question types. You can play against your Facebook friends or random enemies and spin the wheel in order to answer a couple of questions which are based on science, sports, geography, history, entertainment or art. You have to beat each category if you want to win this game.

Faster Than Light

Most of people have been waiting for the FTL: Faster than Light game to be on your iPad, and now this game is here. This game features challenging space adventures to a lot of game addicts. You have to outfight and escape a vast rebel armada while you protect the last hope of Federation for victory as captain of a Federation starship. Along the game, you are going to navigate space which is uncharted, fight off slavers and pirates, and unravel strange mysteries while you are trying not to run out of oxygen or fuel.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 is one the most-played iOs games which deliver great basketball game play to your iPads and iPhones. This game features slick graphics and fast-paced action which add to the current updated Career and Quick Play modes that are completed with new season and Blacktop modes. Almost the whole console of NBA 2K15 experience suits inside this mobile package.

Real racing 3

Real Racing 3 offers a fantastic driving experience which will make you wish for the open road. This game is available for free. There are a couple of cars which are very good looking and then you can speed them around across race tracks which are beautifully rendered. A couple of game modes can be played with fun such as you can complete time trials, the unique Time Shift multiplayer mode and standard races. And also you can continue to enjoy new content like new racing events and cars.

SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS And Cheats

Just about everyone in the world is aware with SimCity. The newest release of the SimCity family is anticipated by enthusiasts of the iconic game. Many fans have been playing and enjoying the game for iOS while other countries still wait for its release. The general outline of previous SimCity games still apply in SimCity BuildIt. To make makes sure that your residents are given what they need and well cared for at the same time as ensuring you build enough water towers and power stations to take care of them, you are responsible of building a brand new busy metropolitan area. Consider using SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS to help you build city fast.


Simcity Buildit Guides



Consider using SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS Instead of sitting around waiting until your money collected to build a new house. You act as an actual mayor of a city as this game offers real city management. Instead of awkwardly placing dreadful factories near your citizens’ homes, building picturesque nature parks by their homes allow you to increase the global happiness. You are given a pleasantly sized piece of land to start off the game where you can enjoy building you own districts and cities. It is fast to build a city as there are no timers on buildings and it is initially evenly paced for the actions.

The best mobile version of SimCity is probably this Sim City BuildIt. With the choice to buy several SimCash packages, Simcity BuildIt can be downloaded for free. The app store allows you to buy different SimCash packages. You can buy premium buildings and many other things using this cash. In order to build the best city thinkable, it is important to have lots of SimCash as veteran SimCity players previously know. Regrettably, save up SimCash for your projects can take a long time and costs real money. SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS is free to download which is the best solution for SimCash limitation.

How To Use The Tool

To start with, either iOS or Android the type of device you are using to play SimCity Buildit, choose one that is right for you. Link the hack tool to your SimCity BuildIt account by tapping the Connect Device button. Key in the quantity of Simcash you want to increase to your account after the SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS is connected. You can also receive twice more the quantity of experience points you typically would when you play the game by checking the Double XP checkbox.

To activate the SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS, just hit the Start Hack button once you’ve provide the information required. The hack tool usually will complete process in only around 20 seconds. As soon as the hack is complete, it will tell you. To check if the SimCash have been successfully added to your account, start your SimCity BuildIt game. Now you do not need to worry about running out of SimCash when building the biggest city possible. You can always make your citizen happy by building the facilities they need fast and easy with this tool.