Gameplay And Review is free multiplayer game similar to classic snake game in Java-platform mobile phone. It is the perfect game for classic Snake enthusiast. It is the most addicting though a simple game available for mobile platforms and PC. The game has no background story. You start the game as a tiny snake in a nasty and viable world. There are some customizations available throughout the game. You can give your snake some style by outfit a diversity of skins. Gameplay

This snake game is really addicting. Once you start the game, you surely forget anything as you will be playing for hours. The game offers more than what it is inspired from: the and Snake. The classic Snake lets you play individually but can have other players and appears more charming than with its disturbing skins images. Growing is your goal in the game by collecting multi-colored, gleaming balls. The earlier missions are simple as hell as they are more of tutorial. It starts to be harder when there is a curl from a gigantic snake appearing on the corner of your screen. You can feel a sense of fright in the game for something so simple.

Growing as fast as you can and as much as you can is your main objective in While doing this, you need to avoid being ensnared by other snakes and try to increase your stats by pull out your snakes. To keep the game appealing, enjoy enough unpredictability in the multiplayer arena. You won’t lose if you hit yourself unlike classic Snake however hitting other snakes is the first thing you should avoid. You also need to be careful with the coil of doom. Platforms

You can enjoy better visibility by playing the game on the PC. You can control your reptile across a honey-comb badlands using your mouse, and you can sprint by pressing the left mouse button. When a quarter is chock-full with snakes trying to beat each other, you will get benefit from a large screen. There are pretty consistent controls for the most part using the mouse though it can get a bit of heighten and delay. As a different way to the mouse, a keyboard can be handy. If you play with mobile device, there will be problem with your finger if you are playing on smaller screen. There will be limited visibility playing on a mobile device especially when things get hectic as it is difficult to maneuver to escape of harm way.

Clash Royale Astuce that Works 100% to Win

Finding Clash Royale astuces that works perfectly is not a difficult job these days. It is proven by yourself who found this article right now. Here, we are not sharing hoax trick for Clash Royale players. We give the working tips and tricks for you instead. The Clash Royale is one of popular games from one mobile phone developer, Supercell. This developer has also successful with the previous game named Clash of Clans. But, they have different gameplay this time. With collectible card with RTS gameplay, Clash Royale becomes popular game on the app store after its debut a month ago. Here is the Clash Royale hack trick.


Astuces Clash Royale


Clash Royale Astuce that Works: Training Battles

Every time you set up your battle deck, you have to test it on the training battles firstly. It is our first trick of Clash Royale astuces that works today. This is such wasting your time, but it will give effective impact for you to do combo and think fast in hurry time. You won’t lose your trophies either even loses in training battles. Instead, you can practice freely until get the feeling with your new deck. You will lose nothing but win some experience or trophies, right? Once you have much confidence with your current deck, just go to the real match with your enemies.

Clash Royale Astuce that Works Using Spells

Early stage may have no spells available for new players. But, you can get it if you play for one week. At least, you have the Freeze spell. After that, you will get the Rag spell at Arena 3 or 4. Do not let them idle on your pocket. You can freeze everything with Freeze spell for sure. It is also useful when you are attacked by enemy’s troops. It should save your Tower either. Meanwhile, the Rage spell will encourage your movement speed and damage when you are attacking your enemy. The Clash Royale astuces that works is by dropping Giant and then using the Rage spell.

Clash Royale Astuce that Works Save your Trophies

This is the most effective strategy which you can do in order to reach top ranks. Since you can defend your trophies and do not let enemy win, we believe that you won’t at disappointed rank for sure as same as Clash of Clans. We suggest you to reach the Arena 2 and 3 as fast as possible in order to upgrade your troops immediately and store the trophies. Higher arena offers you higher chest drop either. So, that is all of our Clash Royale astuces that works today and hope you win every match.

Subway Surfers Hack Tool for Unlimited Coins for all devices and free viruses



This is the latest subway surfers hack tool for unlimited coins which you can found in the internet. For your information, there are so many hack tools for this game out there. But, there is no one of them which working properly as ours. By using our hack, you are able to get unlimited coins inside the game. Thus, there are no difficulties to finish this endless game for sure. If you worry about the security, please be informed because out hack tool is always update. Moreover, the latest bug that we found is undetectable from the developers. SO, you do not need to worry too much about it.

To use our subway surfers hack tool for unlimited coins, there is no indeed understanding. It means that we provide easy installations and instructions. In addition, some of our tools do not need an installation. You just generate the code and your account will have unlimited resources such as coins and keys. You just spare your time for 2 minutes and all coins will be transferred into your account in unlimited amount. Once you found the tools do not work, it may only one problem. Yes, our server could be overloaded due the users at the time. Then, patience from you all will make us fix it as soon as possible.

There are some features of our subway surfers hack tool for unlimited coins. In other words, we do not only the coins but also some critical features for this game. The second one is the unlimited keys. We have already known the importance of keys in this game, right? Then, we provide you unlimited keys too as same as coins. Thirdly, our hack tool is user-friendly interface. It means that we have very good interface and won’t disturb your Subway Surfer game. Lastly, it is absolutely free from malwares and viruses. You can check it from online antivirus for our link.

The instructions of our subway surfers hack tool for unlimited coins are very easy. There are only a few steps which you need to follow. First of all, click hack now in this page. You will be directed into hacking page and let the system processing it. Then, it pops out blank forms. Just fill your username and email which you use for playing this game. You will be on the entering the resource amount section then. Enter the amount which you want. Last but not least, activate the hack button.

WWE Immortals Tips and Strategies

WWE Immortals can be concluded as WWE mixes Mortal Kombat. If you want to beat other wrestlers at this game, you have to prepare a mix up of defending and attacking. There will be an access to light attacks and also heavy attacks. If you strike your enemy three times in a row, you will have a chance to bring an extra special attack. If you want to play defense, you will know the perfect time to do it when you switch out your current wrestler for another fighter. You also have to defend after you finish performing your Adrenaline Rush move. You have to get ready to block when you see that red exclamation point above the head of your enemy.


WWE Immortals


Start with bronze tier characters

There are three characters that you can choose to start the game such as Giant Big Show, Dark Sorceress Paige and Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is great at dishing out a couple of good damages because of his high attack power. Dark Sorceress Paige is capable of help her teammates to regenerate their adrenaline a lot faster for a couple of time after she applies her adrenaline rush move. For Giant Big Show, this wrestler fights as a heavy hitting tank which increases more power once his health gains.

Create your roster up to gold and silver status

As you going through the WWE Immortals game, you will find a way to unlock silver tier character. You will have to spend a couple of serious coins if you want to unlock those very good wrestlers when it is the perfect time for you to unlock gold tier rated characters. When it is the time to build your silver characters, you do not have to spend a lot of time to try upgrading their stats. You have to spend more time to upgrade your gold tier characters more than anything.

Choose great silver and gold tier characters

There are a couple of wrestlers which can be chose as great gold and silver tier characters such as Dark Sorceress Paige, Soldier John Cena, Angelic Knight Trish Stratus, King of Kings Triple H and Necromancer Undertaker. It is important for you to take a look at their stats and passive special abilities. After that, you will find that why these wrestlers are perfect options to upgrade your silver and gold tier. It will help you to go through this game and become stronger competitor.

Target Line 8 Ball Pool Hack Tutorial

Who does not know this target 8 Ball Pool hack tutorial must be regret because this hack is very functional for you who want to gain the coins and cash by winning. Before we talk furthermore, you need to know the meaning of target line hack here. When we are playing 8 Ball pool, you will see a line as the line of our ball. Then, this line will become longer than normal players who do not use this hack obviously. Moreover, you can insert the balls very easy into the targeted-hole. Meanwhile, normal players won’t notice what you are doing with the hacked target line and your experience will be increasing faster than them.




Before you are using this target line 8 Ball pool hack tutorial, please notice this announcement. I have no responsible for your account after using this hack tool. The highest risk which will appear is banned-account by the game developer. Once your account banned, there is nothing to do with your account because it is already blacklisted from the game. Another important thing is about your PC which should have Visual Studio because my hack tool needs it to work properly. So, please notice these announcements before you hack your 8 Ball Pool ID later.

Here are some important programs or tools to enable 8 ball pool cheats on your PC. The first thing is the app of 8 Ball Pool hack tool. For your information, this app is purely free or not dealing with any payment and survey. Secondly, you must download it via web browser. It does not matter whether Mozilla or Chrome. That is all for what you need to prepare in the beginning. If you do not have one of them you can search by yourself through Google.


Now, we are on the 8 Ball Pool hack tutorial. I will explain the steps one by one for better understanding. You need to log in into your Facebook account firstly before you open the 8 Ball Pool app. Then, please enter a lobby game and don’t start it until the trainer has been processed. Alt+tab your game and open the trainer. Find browse button and choose FlashPlayerPlugin. Simply you can click apply and wait the process of hacking. You will get notification once the cheat is ready and you can start a lobby game whenever you want. For your information, this hack works in the entire room that you create before play.

The Dark Soul III is ready for PC gamers



If you are Dark Soul III console version lovers, you must be not familiar with the PC version which is already launched today. This is such good news for PC owners who cannot play this game before on their PC. For your information, Dark Soul III will be launched for PS4console in the middle of 2016. This is an Action RPG game that addicting to be played for modern gamers. Then, its developer revealed the minimum requirements and recommended requirements today on their official site and Steam. I think this post will be useful information for you who want to try this addictive game on your PC. Check them all below!

Minimum Requirements

I will try to give you the minimum requirements of the Dark Soul III for PC in a different way now. As usual, you need to use Windows Operating system which support 64 bit such as 7 until 10. Then, the minimum processor should be AMD A8 3870 which has 3.6 GHz for running smoothly. If you have Intel processor, you should ensure that it is more than i3 with 3.1 GHz. I think this is not a high-end requirement. Then, you need to prepare 8 gigs RAM memory with more than 50 giga of hard disk space. For better graphic, I suggest you to use NVIDIA GForce GTX 456 or an ATI RADEON HD 6870. That is all of the minimum requirements for your PC to play this game properly.

Release date

If you are impatient to wait the Dark Soul III, do not be worry. The exact date of this game will be held on 12th April next year. The game will hit three consoles at once, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some reviewers claimed that the next-gen Dark Soul has better performance and graphics rather than the previous series. Meanwhile, the creator also promises that this third series is the closure for previous Dark Soul Series. We cannot wait what kinds of action which will be offered by the developer for this game.

Important Clash of Kings Tutorial for Beginner


Clash of Kings Tutorial


Today, I would like to give you Clash of kings hack tutorial for beginner. Some of you perhaps do not know how to play this game. Yes, it was happened to me too when I played this game for the first time. Clash of Kings is one of phenomenon game especially for Android user. For your information, this game attracts million mobile gamers all over the world to download it through App store. Moreover, some of them have complained that they cannot make up their time while playing this game because of addicting gameplay. The Real-Time strategy is the gameplay that chosen by the developer for us.


The first Clash of kings hack tutorial is about the castle. This is the most important building in the entire game of Clash of Kings. This castle can be upgraded into larger and modern styles. For your information, the larger castle you have the larger level you got. By this level, you can show your kingdom and territorial to your enemy.


The next building that you have to know is Stable. This build is used for creating your troops. The style of these troops is like a horseman. But, it is not only one horseman you have here. There are Heavy Cavalry, Scoutman and many more. To get more types of horseman, you have to upgrade this building as same as castle.


The third building of this Clash of kings hack tutorial is Range building. As you can see, this building produces archers as your troops. One of standard archers is crossbown. These archers are useful against troops such as swordsman, militia but weak against Cavalry.


If you love to create swordsman, you can build Barrack. Yes, you will have swordsman or knight through this building. Militia is their name. As usual, you need to upgrade your barrack for more troops’ type. I believe our war won’t be fun without the existence of militia, right? Hence, produce them as possible as you can.

Chariot Plant

The last important building is Chariot Plant. By this building, you are able to create carriage. This type of gun is very popular in medieval age. They are strong against building and castle. Thus, protect your carriages with the support by militia.


The function of Depot, will finish our Clash of kings hack tutorial today. This building is important to protect our resources from enemy. Resources like rice, wood, iron and mithril are very important to build our kingdom.


2015 Best iOS Games

iOS Games


iOS of Apple is a fertile ground for a couple of great mobile games across every category and genre. Completed with responsive touch screens and strong graphics, the iPad and iPhone are gaming machines which are very solid and strong. You have to check out a couple of best iOs games which are available across multiple genre or categories.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the best iOs games that everyone’s talking about. This game is the hyper-addictive game which challenges your brain and also your friends’ brains. This game mixes cute and cartoon designs which are completed with a couple of question types. You can play against your Facebook friends or random enemies and spin the wheel in order to answer a couple of questions which are based on science, sports, geography, history, entertainment or art. You have to beat each category if you want to win this game.

Faster Than Light

Most of people have been waiting for the FTL: Faster than Light game to be on your iPad, and now this game is here. This game features challenging space adventures to a lot of game addicts. You have to outfight and escape a vast rebel armada while you protect the last hope of Federation for victory as captain of a Federation starship. Along the game, you are going to navigate space which is uncharted, fight off slavers and pirates, and unravel strange mysteries while you are trying not to run out of oxygen or fuel.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 is one the most-played iOs games which deliver great basketball game play to your iPads and iPhones. This game features slick graphics and fast-paced action which add to the current updated Career and Quick Play modes that are completed with new season and Blacktop modes. Almost the whole console of NBA 2K15 experience suits inside this mobile package.

Real racing 3

Real Racing 3 offers a fantastic driving experience which will make you wish for the open road. This game is available for free. There are a couple of cars which are very good looking and then you can speed them around across race tracks which are beautifully rendered. A couple of game modes can be played with fun such as you can complete time trials, the unique Time Shift multiplayer mode and standard races. And also you can continue to enjoy new content like new racing events and cars.

SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS And Cheats

Just about everyone in the world is aware with SimCity. The newest release of the SimCity family is anticipated by enthusiasts of the iconic game. Many fans have been playing and enjoying the game for iOS while other countries still wait for its release. The general outline of previous SimCity games still apply in SimCity BuildIt. To make makes sure that your residents are given what they need and well cared for at the same time as ensuring you build enough water towers and power stations to take care of them, you are responsible of building a brand new busy metropolitan area. Consider using SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS to help you build city fast.


Simcity Buildit Guides



Consider using SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS Instead of sitting around waiting until your money collected to build a new house. You act as an actual mayor of a city as this game offers real city management. Instead of awkwardly placing dreadful factories near your citizens’ homes, building picturesque nature parks by their homes allow you to increase the global happiness. You are given a pleasantly sized piece of land to start off the game where you can enjoy building you own districts and cities. It is fast to build a city as there are no timers on buildings and it is initially evenly paced for the actions.

The best mobile version of SimCity is probably this Sim City BuildIt. With the choice to buy several SimCash packages, Simcity BuildIt can be downloaded for free. The app store allows you to buy different SimCash packages. You can buy premium buildings and many other things using this cash. In order to build the best city thinkable, it is important to have lots of SimCash as veteran SimCity players previously know. Regrettably, save up SimCash for your projects can take a long time and costs real money. SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS is free to download which is the best solution for SimCash limitation.

How To Use The Tool

To start with, either iOS or Android the type of device you are using to play SimCity Buildit, choose one that is right for you. Link the hack tool to your SimCity BuildIt account by tapping the Connect Device button. Key in the quantity of Simcash you want to increase to your account after the SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS is connected. You can also receive twice more the quantity of experience points you typically would when you play the game by checking the Double XP checkbox.

To activate the SimCity BuildIt Hack iOS, just hit the Start Hack button once you’ve provide the information required. The hack tool usually will complete process in only around 20 seconds. As soon as the hack is complete, it will tell you. To check if the SimCash have been successfully added to your account, start your SimCity BuildIt game. Now you do not need to worry about running out of SimCash when building the biggest city possible. You can always make your citizen happy by building the facilities they need fast and easy with this tool.

How to play The Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2

Developed by Korean producer Gamevil and Flint, Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 is a fun and visually pleasing MMORPG. There are complicatedly detailed backdrops, glowingly colored world, and animated characters. The essence of the story is the return of the Deathcrown the King of the dead from exile with soldiers of dragons, committed on destroying the human being and their leader, King Gram. Player as the main character will have to go to the war between dragons and humans.


Dragon Blaze Chapter 2 Cover



There is a list of classes you can pick for our character, archer, warrior, priest, rogue and mage. There are advantages and disadvantages for each class. You can choose up to 5 main characters and the party can be switched in and out on the menu. It will progress individually for every character’s story but you will automatically collect the equipment and allies in one account depending main character you play. You will get 3 character slots for free but you can pay 99 rubies to open the 2 other slots. Ruby is valuable item in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 that you can get by playing the game or buy as an in-game purchase with real money.


An NPC named Bell Snow will give quests to the player that is mostly clearing enemies in dungeons with 4-6 stages in their pathway. There is about 3 battle encounters for each stage in the Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2. For the most part, player will get very independent control in the combat system so you can do anything else while battling. There is limited game’s battle tutorial and at first it can be quite puzzling and overwhelming for the actual combat systems.

The game runs quite quickly and the system is lack of control of the player in battle. The autoplay allow your character to attack on its own. When you enter the battle, you leave it battling without you. You can turn off autoplay to get a bit more involvement so you can control your character to use special attacks. Potions and recovery items can be used with the control of the player by accessing Pouch in the Inventory menu. There is only 1 accessible Pouch slots in Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2, you can unlock the other 2 using rubies.

Inventory Menu

The actual game of Dragon Blaze: Chapter 2 takes place truly in the Inventory menu where the player can equip weapons and armor. You can also upgrade equipment to create power bonuses and add additional skills by combine multiple items through the Enhance function. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is upgrading inventory through the alchemic method. There are not more than four other allies that the player can travel with, you can mix and match different item mixtures with diverse classes in lots possibilities. Inventory play is fast and exciting after you understand what item best combines with what other item. For example, you will have a maximum success rate when combine blue-framed items with other blue-framed items. Try with other possibilities for better combinations.